Dr. Abubakr Awad Sedeag Mohamed

In the year 2005 we celebrated the Golden jubilee of the College of Agriculture Studies “CAS”, in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of our prestigious college. On this notable occasion we gave great thanks to God expressing our gratitude towards Him for these successful achievements and the progress made during the last 50 years. Since its inception, the college has been moving with sure and firm steps towards the future until it has assumed today this remarkable position. Thanks to the concerted efforts of its distinguished faculty and all its staff members over the decades who were always striving for improvement to enable it to compete nationally, regionally and at global scales. The year 2005 was particularly remarkable for the College, and indeed it was remarkable in its history. The dynamics of the world agriculture market are changing and our activity level has increased significantly to respond to market demands and proactively position the college to take advantage of future opportunities. With your hard work and ingenuity, we were able to bolster its role as one of the most important colleges in SUST, enabling continued agricultural growth and development both in Sudan and around the globe. We pin our hopes on your ongoing efforts to celebrate many outstanding events in the future and mark the College's Diamond Jubilee as we become more firmly established while achieving even greater success. The initial strategic efforts of the college focused on improving the performance of the agricultural sector through graduation of trained field technicians. However, our restless efforts, combined with the remarkable pace of development witnessed by the College, resulted in significant expansion in B.Sc. degree and graduate programs, we also intensified and maintained close relations with our counterparts in Asia, Africa and Europe, and expanded our activities to include the use of cutting-edge teaching methods, innovations, state of the art technologies, conduct of research that is of the highest possible quality in agriculture, provision of consulting services and implementation of high-level training programs. Meanwhile we have always sought and we will continue seeking to develop our students skills to the maximum extent, with the aim to effectively contribute to increasing crop yields, improve the quality of agricultural products and achieve one of our most important goals i.e. food security. We are fully convinced that the development of the college's academic and research activities will only come true through an insightful and perceptive vision, and in our ability to benefit from the scientific and economic advancements in agriculture and other related fields in the region and globally. Based on the above, we have intensified our efforts to set and plan our goals rightly and seek to accomplish them successfully with strong determination.