Level of Polymorphism Among Four Sudanese Autochthonous Cattle Breeds Using RAPD Molecular Markers


By Salah-Eldein A. Sid-Ahmed, Abdel Aziz A. Makkawi, Mohamed-Khair A. Ahmed, Sami S. Adawy, Hani ya A. EJ-Itriby, Galal M. Y ousif.


Random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) employing 22 arbitrary primers was used to investigate the genetic polymorphism among and within four breeds of Sudanese Autochthonous cattle. The . br eds chosen were Western Baggara (Nialawy), Nilotic (MaJock), Butana and Kenana. The DNA samples from 60 animals representing the four populations, were collected from the breeds homelands. The level of polymorphism among the four populations was 5l.5% while 22.9% 36.8%,24.4% and 41.4% polymorphism were re orded within each of the above four breeds respectively. This study lends suppOl1 to the view that there are major genetic differences between these four local cattle populations.