Optimizing the Cropping Pattern in North Darfur State, Sudan


By Adam Abdelrahman Abdalla, Mohmmed Alameen AbdelLatif.


: This study shed light on the constraints of increasing farm-income in the traditional rainfed sector of North Darfur State (NDS) through investigating the situation of crop production in Dar Elslam district. The study used linear programming (LP) technique in the data analysis. The results of data analysis showed that the basic models gave a cropping pattern different from the real farmers production plan. Groundnuts was the most profitable crop at the prevailing prices and productivity in season 2006/07. The basic models solution gave a profitable objective function while in reality the farmers gained a loss. Family labour and operating capital represented the main constraints of agricultural production in the study area. Application of recommended technologies, increasing output prices and lowering production costs gave high support to the farm income in the study area. In order to achieve agricultural development and farmers' food security in the study area, the study recommended supply of farmers with agricultural inputs especially seeds through repayment (in kind) after harvesting and support agricultural extension to be more efficient and effective in adoption of recommended improved technologies. Resolution of Darfur security problems in addition to solution and removal of all other problems facing agricultural production such as pests, marketing, desertification, drinking water, grazing …etc. are also essential


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