Academic Departments

The college approaches different ways to disseminate agricultural knowledge and culture resulting from scientific research, conferences and work courses. The college offers ten specializations covering all fields of agriculture, as well as postgraduate programs in masters and doctorate studies in all disciplines, in addition to short training courses to serve those working in the field of agriculture.

The college has ten academic departments

  1. Agricultural Economics Department
  2. Agricultural Engineering Department
  3. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development Department
  4. Agronomy Department
  5. Animal Production Department
  6. Family and Community Sciences Department
  7. Food Sciences and Technology
  8. Horticultural Sciences Department
  9. Plant Protection Department
  10. Soil and Water Sciences Department

The college awards a Bachelor of Agriculture degree with honors in ten semesters in one of the following specializations:

  1. B.Sc in Agricultural Economics
  2. B.Sc in Agricultural Engineering
  3. B.Sc in Agronomy Science
  4. B.Sc in Animal Production
  5. B.Sc in Extension and Rural Development
  6. B.Sc in Food Science and Technology
  7. B.Sc in Horticulture
  8. B.Sc in Plant Protection
  9. B.Sc in Soil and Water Science