Agricultural Engineering Department


The Department of Agricultural Engineering seeks to reach national and global accreditation and recognition as an applied excellence program for engineering knowledge in the fields of agricultural production and industrialization, natural resource management and rural development.


  • Affiliation: The department is committed to endeavors that are nurturing and affect human life.
  • Professionalism: The department is committed to practicing the profession with the aim of achieving progress and human well-being.
  • Integration: The department is committed to the principles of truth, honesty and ethics.
  • Efficient Resource management: The department is committed to working on the efficient use of natural resources.
  • Collegiality of work: The department values ​​the contributions of colleagues and the value of the cooperation that arises through the relevant colleges and institutes.
  • Divergence: The department respects others and appreciates diversity of opinions, freedom of expression, and different cultural origins and backgrounds.


The Agricultural Engineering Department contributes and works on optimal management and conservation of natural resources to improve agricultural and biological production and make it economically feasible through education, training, research and community service programs.


  1. To provide bachelor programs in agricultural engineering with good descriptions, characterized by a balance between the theoretical and practical aspects, and approved by the Sudanese Agricultural Council.
  2. Provide graduate programs in the fields of agricultural engineering that are academically good and have strong relevance to scientific research programmes.
  3. Adopting the development of the student through good professional preparation, enriching leadership qualities and financial support.
  4. Providing high quality curricula to meet the needs of external students in the programs of biological systems and agricultural engineering.
  5. Providing continuing education programs and lifelong learning opportunities to the agricultural engineering community.
  6. Helping young makers to extend a helping hand to engineering in order to achieve the optimal operation of the current agricultural products.
  7. Providing training and education to address natural and environmental resource management issues for producers and businessmen.

Bachelor Degrees Offered

B.Sc in Agricultural Engineering