About Us


Our vision is to be one of the leading colleges in agriculture in Africa and the Arab world by taking our undergraduate and postgraduate students to higher levels of agricultural education, applied research and self-development.


  1. Qualifying agricultural cadres with high professional competence capable of planning, implementing and managing modern systems of agricultural production and agricultural industries with high efficiency through the transfer of modern technology while preserving natural resources through the sustainable use of these resources.
  2. Promoting the technical capabilities of workers in the agricultural field through training and continuing education.
  3. Conducting applied research to provide scientific solutions to the problems of the agricultural sector and development challenges.
  4. Creating and implementing community service programs in the various agricultural fields, spreading knowledge, transferring technology, and providing consultations and services.


  1. Implementation of programs to raise capacity by training in various agricultural fields and transferring modern technologies.
  2. Providing agricultural education at all levels.
  3. Conducting scientific research in various disciplines of agriculture.
  4. Dissemination of agricultural knowledge based on scientific research.
  5. Modernizing traditional animal production in Sudan and introducing modern technology to it to raise efficiency Productivity in the field of meat, dairy, poultry and leather
  6. Graduating agriculturalists capable of self-serving and working in institutions, companies and private farms.