Horticultural Sciences Department


Started as a division and developed into a department in 1995 ( Diploma, B.Sc, Master and PHD research degrees in Horticulture). It includes four divisions: fruits, vegetables, ornamentals and medicinal plants


Horticultural science is an applied science that has a direct dimension in solving the problems of society and its promotion and economic, social and development life and its push to keep pace with scientific, regional and local developments.


  1. Enumeration and qualification of cadres that assist in the promotion of horticultural activity in the community.
  2. Improving the capabilities of students and following up their progress in the field of horticultural sciences
  3. Conducting applied research in the fields of horticultural sciences to provide scientific solutions and participate in community service.


  1. To improve academic performance, improve the quality of graduates, and create highly qualified cadres in horticultural sciences.
  2. Developing the profession and efficiency of horticultural graduates in the fields of horticultural production and horticultural services, planning and evaluating programs and providing advice in various horticultural projects.
  3. Apply the results of scientific research and acquire capabilities in the management of horticultural work.

Bachelor Degrees Offered

B.Sc in Horticulture