Plant Protection Department


The Department of Plant Protection began with Agricultural Shambat Institute in 1954 and included Insect and Zoology divisions. The Department developed with establishing of Sudan University of Science and Technology in 1990, where it has the first batch of B.Sc. students. The Department now in addition to the degree of Bachelor has degrees of masters and PhD by research in addition to a master's degree by courses and supplementary research in the fields of Entomology, plant pathology, and weed control. The Department has four laboratories which are (plant pathology-insects-graduate studies-research integration), also there is a demonstration farm and a pest control unit. The Department has teachers taking the oath and astronomers and still is passed on to light up the department, we are grateful of them give them our appreciation, and all the hopes to our students to be excellence in study so as to bring up our beloved Sudan.

Bachelor Degrees Offered

B.Sc in Plant Protection