Agricultural Extension and Rural Development Department

The Agricultural Extension is a selective informal type of education, fully directed to the capacity building of the productive sectors (farmers, rural families and rural youth). So we view the Department in the future as a research and training center in the area of rural Development and extension at a national and regional levels.


Agricultural extension is a non-formal educational device designed to build the capacities of the productive sectors. Therefore, we look forward to the department becoming a center for research and training in the field of agricultural extension and rural development at the national and regional levels.


  1. Supporting the rural development process with qualified human cadres and relevant and useful research for the development process.
  2. Develop approaches and concepts that serve as a vector for development and publish technology.


  1. Training of students on the transfer, dissemination and adoption of modern technologies in rural areas.
  2. Training of learners on guiding methods and means and their uses in agricultural development.
  3. Theoretical and practical knowledge of the concept of rural development.

Bachelor Degrees Offered

B.Sc in Extension and Rural Development