College of Agricultural Studies | Dean Meets with a Delegation of Turkish Cooperation Agency (TIKA) Clone

Dr. Abbas Al-Sheikh Rahma, Dean of the College of Agricultural Studies at Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST), received a delegation from the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) office, which was presented by Ms. Fulya Aslan, Director of the Agency’s Office in Sudan, in the presence of a number of faculty professors and representatives of the Agency at Shambat Campus.

Dr. Rahma expressed his happiness with the visit. "The agency is interested in supporting development and economic projects, especially the industrial, agricultural and animal sectors," he said. He indicated that the agency has a good reputation in promoting social services in friend countries, and explained that the visit dealt with ways of many aspects of joint cooperation, especially in the field of projects Research and local, regional and global food security.

Ms. Fulya Aslan assured the importance and support of projects that contribute to developing and increasing the productivity of food crops and incubators for food processing of vegetables and fruits, as well as raising the added value of abundant crops such as mango, potatoes, tomatoes and others. She also referred to the allocation of projects that would improve the animal and poultry production sector in Sudan .

It is worth mentioning that it was agreed to continue communication and meetings and exchange experiences and capabilities between the two sides in the field of agricultural production. They believed that the benefit would accrue to the development and economy of the two countries.